About Ben Townsend

Ben Townsend

Now, I bring people together to dance A wild ecstatic dance to great music that ends in sublime stillness moving freely and simply in a safe space, sacred space.
I have danced myself in this practice for 20 years or more. Otherwise I am tending my garden in the wild west of co Cork, building stone walls or making sculpture walking the dog, feeding the chickens.


I was brought up good in Hampstead, London with the freedom to roam. Hampstead heath was my back yard but when I was 12 my mum took me on a years overland trip to Tibet and back in a landrover. This softned any rough edges, and it taught me about different ways of being and just how big a heart can get. School was dull so I took up with a jack of all trades and learned how to do anything and everything with my hands.

It's been my bread and butter, but I continued to travel and visit all those crazy places, sacred sites. The rhythms were all along the way, flowing, staccato, chaotic, lyrical and still spaces! And finally I settled in west Cork in Ireland which has it all (less the staccato) till the tiger came & here I began to get creative in a big way, trying all the arts and crafts. I renovated an old farmhouse for myself and a barn for my mum who spent her last happy days here and happy. I have always danced but started the rhythms in 1990 and there followed all kinds of trainings and teachings.

Massage, Shiatsu Cork school of, two fabulous trainings in QiGong with Chen Hui Xian of the Wu Dao school in the USA. 2 fantastic trainings in Dao way school of healing with Susan O’Toole Schull Co Cork and an on-going investigation into 'Who the hell are we' to top it all. Qigongin Ireland

5 Rhythms training proper began after 100s of hours dance experience with a number of great teachers, in a number of places before the trip to New York and the awesome 1st module with Gabrielle and faculty. Now a fully accredited 5 Rhythms teacher I have been teaching in west Cork and Cork city for over 8 years. It's not been an easy journey, I faced one of my biggest fears by getting up in front of people and teaching, I like to feel that I have something to share through my life's experience and my own unique style that may help others get in touch with their own uniqueness.


  • Body Massage training with Yanni Wheeler

  • Bantry Qi Gong soaring crane teacher training

  • Daoway school of healing 2 year training with Susan O'Toole

  • Cork school of Shiatsu training 2 years & local Shiatsu training 4 years

  • 5 Rhythms Teacher training with Gabrielle Roth & the moving centre school USA

  • Essence Qi Gong teacher training Wu Dao school USA with instructor Chen Hui Xian